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Supply Chain Management

  • Our comprehensive service improvements, inventory order processing, cycle times and cost effectiveness result in better inventory managemen...

Aircraft Maintenance Software

  • Our personnel are highly qualified and trained on aircraft maintenance software such as Asset Management Oerating System(AMOS).This is to e...

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

  • QSA Aeronautical Engineering Services has all the support equipment for the Line Maintenance activities.
  • We provide complete air...

Line Maintenance

  • Shaping optimized maintenance solutions based on best practices for efficiency, safty ans effectiveness.
  • Whether your requiremen...

News & Press Release

Aviation industry in Morocco is preparing for a new takeoff at full speed. The Kingdom has become a continental economic hub where the aviation industry grows daily.Over 110 international aeronautic and aerospace companies have opened their doors in Moroccan territory.The booming industry plans to double its capacity and number of operators and create 23,000 new jobs by 2020, according to L’Economiste.

Morocco and Boeing have signed a partnership agreement to setup a Boeing industrial ecosystem in the North African country.The partnership with the world’s flagship manufacturer is expected to bring a new impetus to the Moroccan aviation industry

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